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Рубрика: Technological Singularity

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What happened in the opening of Prometheus?

What happened in the opening of Prometheus? There are several explanations online and most of them make sense, but which one is it, really? What I believe is that the Engineer’s sacrifice led to the beginning of life on Earth. We all know life began as microscopic organisms in the water and slowly evolved from there. The Engineers could be extremely old. We clearly see his cells reform in the water into something entirely different from his own DNA. The scene opens with gorgeous landscape shots that are practically all gray, lifeless. Is this what Ridley Scott implied, knowing the Ancient Astronaut theory influenced his vision a lot? We already know they came back and visited Earth many times, so I think they’ve been doing it for long enough to manipulate our ancestors and finally make us…. after them, of course.


What is the Technological Singularity?

What is the Technological Singularity? The Technological Singularity is the point in the predicted near future when technology allows the artificial increase of intelligence to a level far beyond that of current human intelligence. It is best described as an intelligence explosion; the event horizon which can not be predicted beyond.